What do you find funny that other people don't?

Is there anything that you find funny that hardly anybody else sees the humor in? I have a lot of things like this. Examples:

There was a British rock musician (I think from the 1970s) named Roy Wood, and he used to record songs that were take-offs of American styles of rock & roll that nobody else imitates, like Bill Haley & the Comets’ style, or the style of old “hairspray rock” hits that Phil Spector produced for girl groups like the Crystals or the Ronettes. There’s always some interesting instrumental twist on the styles when Roy Wood imitates them, though. I think these recordings of his are absolutely hilarious – not because of the lyrics, but because of the musical arrangements – but other Americans don’t seem to see any humor in them.

Once I saw an old German movie called “Zu jung, um blond zu sein”, which means “Too Young to Be Blond”. This title got me rolling on the floor laughing, but I’ve only met one other American who sees why it’s funny.

Men wearing bow tie. They looked like they’re choked or ribbon-tied presents especially if the bow is somewhat skewed.

But everybody or anybody might find it handsome and sophisticated.


You might get a kick out of my Christmas presents to my sister, niece and nephew, then. I take the cheapest, thinnest shopping bag from the supermarket, sloppily wrap it around the present, close it with packing tape, and then make a bow with rough twine. Last year I made the bows from latex medical tubing. However, my family did laugh when they saw this, so it’s not something no one sees the humor in.

Do you find it funny when a poodle has just gotten a haircut and someone has put a bow in the hair on the top of its head?

A poodle itself is enough to keep me rolling on the floor, one with a ribbon on top of its head…I can see the picture vividly in my mind, but no words exemplify befitting of its sublime impact on me :lol:


This might be slightly off-topic but I can’t help asking NinaZara what she thinks of men wearing a bow-tie and white gloves.


Oh, come on! I don’t want to discuss anyone’s fetishes here!

You haven’t specified whether the men are pulling rabbits out of their top hats and transforming handkerchiefs into pigeons.

Gentlemen, please. I am underage (this is the expression that people from my culture use to describe a not yet married young lady) but I learnt biology, I am well-read and I have a married sister.

Still, I do not think the “off-topic” here means “that”.

And Englishuser, the man can wear pink gloves( I would notice it and just smile) but I would still be too distracted with the bow-tie, I won’t even be looking at his face :wink: