What do you consider to be the most important room in a house?

What do you consider to be the most important room in a house?

“There is no other place like home” is a very true adage for me. My apartment is not a very big place, but is enough for me and my family and the most important thing, it is homey. Every room has its own charm and beauty and I like them all, but the most important for me is the living room because of the wonderful time I spend in it.

In the first place, my living room is very spacious and I have arranged a little “play ground” for my daughter. Now she is sixteen mounts old and I remember every stage in her life as a correlation with a specific toy she had. When she was an infant she slept in her swing during the day; as she grew-up she passed to an activity gym, later to a jumper and now she walks and runs and I have so much fun and pleasure watching her.

In the second place, one of my favorite things to do is to sit and talk with my husband. Before bedtime, I enjoy sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea on the table from which I will seep slowly and I will talk to my husband about how the day was, about further plans; it gives me a feeling of connection and caring.

In the third place, in the living room I have wonderful time watching good movies with my husband, especially comedies. We just sit in front of the TV in our comfortable armchairs with a bag full of popcorn in our arms, laughing and later talking about the movie.

To summarize, my house is special because it is my home and the most pleasure time I spend in it is in the living room. This time is special because it is spent with my family, the persons that I love most, my daughter and my husband.

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Please tell me what do you think about my essay? What do I have to improve?
Any suggestion is more than welcome.

Anaca, I loved your essay. You need very little guidance to improvement. Just keep on reading and writing.
It is all going very well for you.

Aanca, is there one more bedroom in your house? lol I got more interested in you home when you talked about your mini-cinema, with popcorns.

Of course, our house makes parts of our life. That’s because is there where the most important and significant things are. Your essay is very interested and I understood clearly. Continue writing essays like this, it’ll be a pleasure to read. :wink:

Thank you Kitos, I will do so, my exam is in a month and I do not have to much time to prepare. I only hope to do my best.
Thank you again!

Thank you Tomasito for your reply.

Never fear Aanca, with essays like this one you will sail through.


ps. Love the picture too. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you for your encouragement!
My daughter is in the picture, is my favorite one.

I think you have easier topic to write about than me .

I think you are very lucky. :lol:

I took my toefl in this august our topic is about clean environment . :frowning: :roll: