What do think about the CNN's article "A nuclear clash could starve the worl

Hi everybody,
When many countries have nuclear weapon and they can not settle their dispute, I think this article of CNN is really worth for us to pay attention to.

I think you wanted to tell us--------what do you think about the CNN’s article,

A nuclear clash could make starving the world?

Certainly it will be ultimate result(effect,v.)for the human race or mankind.We need security, but these types of proliferation’s don’t make any positive result in the long run.

These tendencies are diseases. It is against the nature or your happy life. I don’t
understand how the gay marriage produces the off springs!

This is called mental disorder or disease. We should cure this instead encourage them.
Those are suffering these ways I have full sympathy towards them, but I think they need treatment silently or conceal ways, no problem. Or, this system would destroy the world one day.

Nuclear proliferation tendency is a disease, mind it. “Might is right” can’t not be a justice for ever. We need good leaders, but present almost all are fake!.So, we should be careful about them most. Please read here:

english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#406161

Hi Mr Minhajquazi,
Nuclear technology is one of the great prevent in history but the way we use them is a disease. The nuclear proliferation tendency of some nations is a sign for a war that unstoppable. They can destroy every achievements, the social progress. I totally agree with you, most of the leaders are fake. And the fact is they make the decisions that determine our destiny.
I wonder why people can not make the negotiations with others. I think the reasons can be the obsession with power, the protection of personal interests tendencies. Are they humanity or they are just the personalities of some people?

I adore your thinking also, nice and go ahead!