What do 'should have to' and 'should need' mean in English?


What do “should have to” and “should need” mean in english?
What’s the meaning of “the last leg of race” in english"?

I’ll need your context sentences for your first question, but the ‘last leg of a race’ is the last section of it.

Mr M is correct, we should need context before we answer.

Here are the context sentences for “should have to” and “should need”:

No One “Should Have to” Stand in Line for 10 Hours to Vote

Type traits should need consider extended integral types.

No one should have to stand in line = It is not right/proper that people (must / be required to / find it necessary to) stand in line

Type traits should need consider extended integral types. – This sentence seems incorrectly composed to me; it would read better as:

Type traits (should be / need to be) considered extended integral types

The situation forces/obliges (have to) people to stand in line for 10 hours. That should not happen. It’s unfair. The shouldn’t have to/be obliged do that.

Type traits will/may probably need to consider integral types

Yes, Molly’s rephrasings are also good options.

Is it the “should need (modal) + verb” you find incorrect?

How about this one?

“She knew that as a Deacon she was still an uncommon enough phenomenon in the Church to evoke curiosity. She had, therefore, dressed to escape notice in a dark linen suit and silk shirt, she had judged it, however, to be an occasion for a clerical collar, lest the Bishop should need reminding.”

Unholy ghosts. Greenwood, D M. London: Headline Book Pub. plc, 1991


I found that incorrect and offered alternative readings.

Here’s (I think) the original:

(STDCXX-981) type traits should need consider extended integral types


The permissibilty of adjacent modals seem OK to me, as “need” is considered semi-modal.