What could happen if you're out of date...

hello everybody!

want some fun?

who of you would take a travel map with you which is nearly about a century away from the hot press?

He-he :lol: where did you find that??? Thats really funny!!! But dont you think it must have been obvoius to check the map first before going somewhere?!

hello jailbird,

my best greetings to moscow!
I found it at the online version of The Scotsman.

hehe … americans… tsts

Hi naufragis :))
Yes, americans…and that explains everything :)))

Hi Naufragis,

I agree with Jailbird — your story is very funny, indeed. Just keep copying us in on your findings.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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german woods are very dangerous! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hallo Torsten, Naufragis & Jailbird,

That would be a funny story if it was a young person
but I feel I could only laugh and cry at the same time.
I feel sorry for the poor man … or maybe not.
Think of it.
A 90 year old map being used by a 79 year old man.
That means he (Hank Edwards) was born about 1924.
He may have been a young American G.I.
in the 2nd World War (WW2) stationed in Germany
around Bayreuth. He would have been 18 in 1942.
The Americans arrived in the Bayreuth area about the
end of 1944 but definitely the beginning of 1945.

Or maybe…

His father was an American GI in the 1st World War (WW1).
The Americans entered WW1 in 1917, so he quite likely
bought the map when it was 3 years old.
Maybe he hid something in the woods of great value back then.

Perhaps father and son were in Germany in WW2, and they
served together in the same Unit which is usual
or can be arranged so family members are together.

Or maybe father and son were not soldiers but wealthy
businessmen or travellers at that time?

What is a 79 year old man looking for in a German forest
with a map that old. Nazi Gold ???

Or was he looking for the place where he buried some of
his own treasure or that of his father.
Maybe one or the other had a sweetheart (girlfriend)
during the War or what ever and was tracing history footsteps.
Maybe the father who bought the map marked it with a
special place but never got back to Germany and passed
the information onto his son before his death.
The son was then instructed to fly back to Germany before
he dies, before it is too late and the tracks will never be found.
Was he looking for the Bernstein Zimmer or the grave of somebody?
I would be interested to know why he was
there and what he was looking for. There is more to this
story than the joke about a man getting lost in the woods.
That is a bit superficial. He was definitely no stupid tourist,
who lost his way. I expect the police also thought -
another dumb American who has eaten too many McDonalds
Big Macs or Burger King - Double Whoppers.

This is definitely a war thriller, crime story.
I could definitely write an interesting story about Hank Edwards.
I think I?ll look up Hank Edwards in Google.
You will probably find this article or posting in the Top Rankings … that means
in the first five in the list.

Whatever, I think he was looking for hidden Nazi Gold.
Good luck to him if he finds it. I hope I haven?t got
him into trouble already.
What do you all think. Have I tickled your imagination???

Best Wishes, Bruce.

OK everybody,
I checked it out.
Hank Edwards had never been to Germany.
Sugarcane … that would have been a good story.

dwworld.com/english/0,3367,1 … ml?mpb=enn

but check this out…

thevillageidiots.blogspot.com/20 … chive.html

Especially … Adding Insult To Injury.
You will laugh your socks off.
Best Wishes, Bruce.

This will make you laugh.

e-chuckles, Bruce.

Hello Bruce!
Oh, I was really amazed by your imagionation! You story about that poor Hank Edwards :lol: You should try to write such a story about that old man :)) :lol: