What could be a great thesis topic for English language teaching degree?

Is there anyone there who can give me an idea, a topic, to be discussed in a thesis for the MA degree in English Language Teaching (ELT?


The history of cognates in the English language

There are a lot of cool things you could do in the Philippines. Here are some of ideas I have:

  1. About 50% of the words in Tagalog magazines that are written for teenagers are English. However, I don’t think that all those words are used with their real English meanings, but with some special Philippine meanings. Filipinos learning English (or more English) probably then misuse many of these words in English because of this. In fact, I’ll bet a lot of the teachers also do. You could study the writing of Filipino ESL students, and maybe even the textbooks used, and discuss how the usage in the Tagalog-English mix in the media affects usage when Filipinos use English.

  2. Research and observe the methods and strategies used for teaching workers in the Philippine call centers to be more intelligible and “natural” sounding. You could interview the workers who have been trained, and then you could make some kind of needs analysis or put forth ideas for improving the process.

  3. Do a study that compares the level of confidence intermediate students of English in the Philippines have in their English, and compare or contrast this confidence level with their proficiency level. We find in the US that some of the worst ESL students are the most confident that they speak nearly perfect English.

Thanks for the interesting feedback.

I’ll take great consideration about your opinion. Sounds really interesting and new.