What Can I do ?

I am an english teacher . My students are in 1st secondary school but the problem is , they do not know how to write the alpahbets even in speaking or writing . i did my best with them

Hello Shin,

There are “bingo-games” with the alphabet, they are fun and meaningful teaching-aids.

If you are to fail finishing the syllabus of the course, I would inform coordination and ask for plan B.

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Thank you for your advise . the problem is they are not children when you said to use pingo game . their ages between 13 - 15 years old . And I want to say something ( ourselves " the teachers " are not qualified enough . My freind what is plan B .

Hello Shin,

That is very honest of you to say and the way to become an experienced teacher.

To help yourself regarding methodology I could recommend 1) “English Language Teaching of Jerremy Harmer”, 2) " Learning teaching" by Jim Scivener" and 3) “A course in Language Teaching by Penny Urr”,

I played that bingo-game with adults and teen-agers, they love it.

Adults also like dynamic classes, that said, bringing some didactive games helps to lower their tension when it comes to performing in English. (lower affective filter; Stephen Krashen)

Plan B means that you have to change your initial plan due to problems, the next plan is plan B.

For example: I prepared my class to teach students the past simple, it becomes clear that they don’t know the past simple forms of too many irregular verbs.

I have to change my plan and teach them the irregular verbs first. That you can see as plan B.

I hope this helps you out.



I do not kno how to thank you but May God guide you . Now , I am going to expand a little bit with you . If you do not mind would you mind to explain me how do you play pingo game with your students ?

The second thing , Sometime I use motivation ( give them simple gifts ) . My Q is , do you think it is a good way with little students ( 8 - 12 ) ?

Hello Shin,

Thank you for your attention and encouraging words.

The name of the game is actually Bingo with a “b” ; - )

Some examples of Bingo games you can find on the following link:

google.nl/search?q=bingo&hl= … d=0CD4QsAQ

Instead of the numers, you make cards with lettersof the alphabet for the students., 8 letters at the most per card.

Make the cards with different letters so that everybody has different options.

You write 26 cards with the letters for you, the teacher; one card letter a, one card letter b, one card letter c, etcetera.

You give your students a card and e.g. eight (dried) beans.

You take one card and say: Letter c, letter b, letter h, and so on.

The students place a bean on the letter of the card that corresponds with the number you mentioned.
When the card is complete, they shout “BINGO” and s/he is the winner.

You as the teacher has to check if all the letters that s/he covered have been read aloud by you.

** Giving small gifts to children is in my opinion acceptable, from time to time. Here in Mexico children are rewarded a star on their forehead for good behaviour or achievements.

It is cultural and do not know how it is dealt with in your country Saudi Arabia, if you like, share it with us here.

Best of luck and regards,