What are your plans for the weekend?



Hello sir Torsten,
As you mentioned, the book you are going to read is about liars. Oh, I hate liars. They are very bad people. They are like the fake people. God will punish both of them. Anyway, for me as a very old retired woman (90 years old), I will visit my grandchildren and their daughters and sons, at the weekend. I enjoy this very much. I wish you and all my friends in this forum a happy weekend.


As usual, my plans mainly revolve around my kids. I am going to watch my youngest son’s swim meet Saturday, then driving my oldest son to his homecoming dance at high school. And in between, maybe running my middle son to a theater workshop he is working on every Saturday afternoon. Most of my life seems to involve driving my kids different places. The pubic transport system here in Nashville is not very good at all! But if it was, I might be out of a job :wink:


You are a great father, Sir Luschen.