What are your favorite Internet chat programs?

Hello, what are your experiences with audio chat channels and services such as Skype, PalTalk, ICQ etc? Also, I somewhere read the Google has launched their own chat program, has anyone tried it? Thanks in advance for your comments!

I mostly use the Msn messenger or ICQ.
For Audio and Video chats Msn ist the best, I think. On the other hand, ICQ is more stable as a software. No connection problems etc.

Hello Sunny, do those audio chat programs also work with a dial-up (modem) connection? We don’t have a high speed Internet connection at the home yet, we use a dial-up connection instead much to my parent’s distress because whenever my brother or I go online our telephone line is blocked. I’d really like to chat to other people through the Internet too. Thanks for your advice.

Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. I’ve taken a look at the Skype site and it appears that all you have to do is download and install the free program. Once you have the program on your PC, how do you find somebody to talk with? Also, would a normal headset be sufficient? And what about GoogleTalk, have you tried that one too?

For Skype you just need a simple headset :slight_smile:
Then you can search for people on the net you can talk to - according to interests, age etc.
Of course, you can also add your personal contacts, such as friends and family. Skype works like a ‘normal’ telephone.
Besides, you can communicate in written form, but I don’t like really like that with Skype.
Take Skype for talking and Msn or ICQ for writing :wink:

Hi Sunny. I have installed Skype and can’t see where and how I can search for people by their interest. This is what Skype says:

To search for a contact so that they can be added to your Contacts, select the Search option from the Tools menu or press the Search toolbar button. A new search window will open where you can search for friends by name, or any other information they have listed in their Personal Profile.

So, does this mean I would have to type in literature if I’m looking for somebody who is interested in literature or do I have to know the Skype name of a person in order to add that person to my contacts? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate all your help!

Oh, just another question: What is that phone via DSL all about? What is the difference between Voice over IP and DSL telephony?

But, you know, MSN does not permit the members under 18 to chat. It’s a disavantage, isn’t it?
In VN, most of people use Yahoo! Messenger because it’s easy to use.

Hi everyone…

Since the first time , i started to use yahoo messenger, I got interested. Yeah, It’s very easy to use. There, you can create your personal chat with friends in your list and also you can search the chat room easily. Note there are a lot of chat rooms available.

You can do voice chat in a room or personally by inviting someone in a conference or use your webcam to create closer talk.

You can try it now and hopefully you find it helpful.

Best regards,

Made Sariada

Hi, Andreana!

You can type in interests such as literature, too. :slight_smile:
Just try different things out. It’s quite funny :wink:

The simple answer is - there isn’t any difference. VoIP is the protocol both technologies are based on. I think what you mean is the difference between DSL telephony and applications like Skype, MSN etc?

The answer isn’t that easy because there are several different ways how DSL telephony can be used.

One is via a headset and the computer - all in all there isn’t any difference compared to Skype (did you know that you can use Skype to call to “normal telephones” as well? And you can receive “normal” phone calls too. You have to pay for it, but it’s possible!) Freenet is one example for this use of VoIP but there are several others.

The second most common one is to use a normal telephone connected to a router (through an adapter) - so you make all your phonecalls over the internet instead of using the line telephone network.

Usually calls between the same providers (e.g. Freenet <=> Freenet) are for free and calls to “normal” telephones or other providers are much cheaper.

One major difference is that for the use of DSL telephony (if you mean the way a telephone is connected to a router) you don’t have to boot your computer - if you use Skype you - obviously - have to.

Stefanie, it is very good that we now have you here because you can explain technical things in a way that even I understand :slight_smile: .
To sum it up: DSL telephony and voice over IP are more or less the same with the difference that the latter requires you to be connected to the internet and you have to use a headset while the former means you can connect a normal phone to a router and make phone calls via your DSL line. I’m sure it’s much more complicated than that but now I know that I can go shopping for a router to make DSL phone calls. Do you have any suggestions regarding the router? Which one should I buy? Thank you in advance. Nicole

Do you already have DSL? If so, then have a look at your provider’s website to check whether he offers DSL telephony. In case he does then they often have offers for DSL-routers plus the needed adapter and for example a telephone flat the same time.
As you ususally have to sign a new contract anyway (for the telephone thing) it’s much cheaper this way and you get sure you buy compatible and usually good hardware. Apart from that you should consider what tariff to chose because there are great differences - the most common ones are either those with a basic charge and x minutes inclusive (usually for calls within your country) or those which provide a flat for all phone calls you make (usually as well for calls within your country). The right choice depends on how much and how long you phone, have a look onto your last bill to find out :wink:

If you don’t have DSL then first check the offers and then decide because there can be great differences between the charge and the costs for the actual calls as well as for DSL.

Anyway I’d suggest to have a look on the internet and to inform about the prices - perhaps it’s even cheaper and easier to change the DSL provider if he is known for good VoIP-quality.
And - if you have the possibility to try out first (most providers offer both way - DSL-telephony though a router and though your computer with a headset) then do so! Ask a friend to install the application as well (phone calls between the same provider are usually free, it works like Skype) and call him to see how good the quality really is.

Have I forgotten anything? I hope not, so… If you have any further questions feel free to ask and otherwise good look with making the right decision about which provider and hardware to use!

Hello Stefanie. Thank you for your hint because I do already have a DSL line and I did as you told me. I went to my provider’s website and they are offering an interesting package that comes with a DSL flat rate which includes a certain amount of DSL phone minutes. They also sell appropriate hardware. The only thing I have to do now is convince my boyfriend we need a DSL upgrade. Any suggestions on to achieve this :slight_smile: ?

Sure :wink:
Tell him that your phone bill will be much less than now! And if you don’t have a flat rate by now explain him he can play funny games as long as he likes (or whatever he usually uses the internet for). And does he has any friends abroad? Then an argument could be that it’s cheaper to talk to them.

To get DSL 2000 instead of DSL 1000 (in Germany we have different types of DSL, referring to the speed) I told my stepfather that it provides a much better sound quality for DSL telephony (ha ha, luckily that guy doesn’t have the slightest idea about technical things!)

And if everything doesn’t work - just look at him with puppy dog’s eyes and tell him he could make you being the happiest women on earth if he agrees to upgrade :mrgreen: