What are tokens, block rewards, transaction fees and similar used for?

What are tokens, block rewards, transaction fees and similar used for? (*) to buy stuff on the Deep Web (*) to incentivize desirable behavior (*) to encourage bad behavior (*) to bribe participants

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I’m sure @Sumejja knows the answer to this question :wink:


to incentivize desirable behavour


That’s correct, Marc! Thank you for the tag, Torsten!

For anyone wondering about this - if you participate in the network (ie. by mining or staking or whatever other consensus algorithm it runs on), and you play by the rules, you have the chance of getting tokens and/or block rewards. Transaction fees are also given to the miner who includes the block containing those transactions into the blockchain. In short, working for the common good of the network gives you the chance of winning something.

As for the other answers: if your behavior is bad, you simply won’t get any rewards. So they’re not used for that, right? Also, you can’t really bribe other participants - at least not very successfully, because you’d need quite a bit of money, and it is presumed that the reward obtained that way would not pay off because in the end, you’re at a loss. Buying stuff on the Deep Web isn’t incorrect as such, but that’s not the primary purpose of these rewards. Also, buying stuff on the Deep Web is illegal, folks!


Hi again @Sumejja, thank you so much for sharing this information and helping us learn everything about we want to know about blockchain.

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