What are the ways to make your poems spread to the audience?

Hi and my regards to everyone, poem is a way to express yourself and the surroundings that influence you in many ways. There have been poets that have touched either of us and on which I believe that we get inspired to write poetry. One of my favorites is Sir William Wordsworth of whose Daffodils was a great work. I have too some of written poems which I believe will be a pleasure to hear. What are the different ways that one can use to spread their works to the audience?

That was indeed a nice poem by Williams and would recommend everyone to have a look at that if they are unknown to it. My cousin has a poetic side too other than his student routine and recently he had mentioned about poetry visualized where the members review the poems posted by other members, either in text or audio and give a touch of their own in terms of graphics, video, paintings and lots of other creative things that suits the poem. It is a splendid way to see your work in a visualized manner as there is belief that people remember the visual scenes more than the audio ones and I believe that this will make your poem more noticed.

this visual poetry concept in indeed catchy! I wonder if you have tried it?

If you’re a good poet, then the words convey the imagery. If you have to rely on pictures to help a reader visualize what you’re trying to say, then you’ve failed, miserably.

Poetry is an oral and aural art, not a visual one. Yes, I’m well aware of the concept of concrete poetry, which to me is just another gimmick used to try and compensate for inferior language and general lack of verbal skill.

This is a good site to have your poems published, and after you have submitted 5 poems you get your own web page.