What are the qualities of a good neighbor?

We can have a good neighbor if we start it first to ourselves. We need to put in our minds that we were not able to choose our neighbor and that wether we like it or not, we will spend many years in close proximity with them. We will have a better quality of life if we learn to build a solid, trustful and friendly relationship with our neighbors. Here are a few qualities of a good neighbor.

First is Respect. A good neighbor is someone who knows how to respect his/her property by simply taking care of the exterior of the home and the presentation of the lawn. This will increase the value of the entire community. Showing respect for your property makes a place for a great community and thus benefit everyone on the block. To be a good neighbor, its a mandatory to maintain your property.

Second is support. For example, one of neighbors kids rang your doorbell because she/he is selling some cookies for their fund raising at school, always reach your pocket and buy from them. I’m sure this will show that your supportive and this work both ways.

Lastly, is Friendliness. Always acknowledge the presence of your neighbor. For example, when you see your neighbor walking out to retrieve their mails or when you see them driving down the street, you can simply wave and say hello. Or, when given a chance, give a good comment on their yard or on their beautiful flower garden. You can also offer a helping hand to your neighbor when you see them strugling with their project. This will create a neighborly friendship and I’m sure the favor will be returned.

With good neigbors, you will have a great sense of security. Looking out with each other will make a great and safe neighborhood to live in.

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