What are the qualities of a good neighbor? (Can somebody help me correcting my writing? Thank you!)

Neighbors are people who live near to us. Thus, having good neighbors is an important factor of a great living condition. My major concern is the sanitary of the neighboring household. With a clean living environment, there won’t be mice or cockroaches that disgust me or even result in diseases. In addition, a friendly neighbor is also essential. Though the two family do not have to be absolutely intimate, they still have to have some extent of connection. A daily greeting can serves as a perfect factor that forge the relationship between the two families that once unfamiliar with each other. Upon establishing the basis of mutual trust, the comfortable living won’t be hard to pursue.
The ideal neighbor in my imagination is someone who is willing to collaborate with me to make our community better place to inhabit. For instance, from time to time, we can invite each other over our home for a hearty dinner. When a festival approaches, we can take part in the celebrating activity hosted by the community together. Last but not least, we can watch out the safety of the adjacent area, creating a secure surrounding. Briefly to say, an optimal neighbor is not just someone lives next to us, they can also season our life of dullness!

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Hi 1119, your writing is good, but I think you would benefit by having a more defined introduction. You sort of jump right in with a short two sentence introduction that is formatted as part of your first paragraph. I think it would be more effective to split it out and end with a clear thesis statement. Then you can begin your discussion of the qualities that make a neighbor good. You have some good ideas, here, but having a more formal structure would make your essay more effective. Here are some specific comments:


Thank you for your revision :slight_smile:

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