What are the characteristic of a good leader?

It is very hard to become a good leader. Since childhood when a person formed in community he or she reveals leader’s skills and develop them. In most cases this opportunity hard to find out and improve as these skills have to be laid with the birth. Do not depending on themselves they become main person whose idea and advices are regarded and acceptable. There are main features to define a good leader.
Firstly, I believe that a good leader it is an accepted person who can share and spread his opinion but do not dictate it to people. Mostly, a person who has developed worldview, good ideas, and high education becomes leader in society. Also, this person is endowed with charisma, the main and particular feature of character. Additionally, a good leader must to knows his job perfectly owing to this opportunity he or she can reveals the way to solving the problems, makes strategic plans. For instance, I want to mention about our manager at work who really made the best in his job eventually put this position and get a huge respect in spite of his ages. He gathered around himself numerous employees who have like-minded vision and appreciate him and his ideas to discover methods for developing sale in our organization.
On the other hand, a good leader also has to work under the direction of staff, hereby he or she can earn respect and trust. Moreover, I believe that a good leader must be a good psychology and study how to find right way to people, due to everyone has his individual character. In some cases it would be better to show your ideas as others idea, and permit them to feel themselves as a leader. Particularly team leaders should be able to share with people’s problems. Nowadays I know the persons who have very important and responsible positions. Regardless of these posts they time to time ask about our thoughts and opinions for planning the company’s strategy. Exactly the workforce of our organization do not feel themselves as a secondary, they acknowledged as unique team where all ideas and opinions are important.
Finally, I want to emphasize that a good leader can be a person who has charisma, respect, knowledge and so on. They must never forget how they get this position and be thankful for those who made them as they now. Also a good leader is able to manage and work under a team. Only in this way he or she can betray such kind of skills.

I do not need any leader for myself. Do you!