What are good means to improve spoken english and vocabulary?

Hi friends!
I am sonam from pakistan. I am keenly interested in learning or in other words commanding english language. I also write articles for youth magzines so I deadly need huge english vocabulary and grip overthis language.
Pakistan has URDU as its national language but mostly the official language is english so practically we need this language through out over lives.
I hope my this step of participating in the form will me alot in improving my english.
Thanks for such a form.

Hi Sonam,

I think the first step towards improving your English is to start spelling the word ‘English’ correctly. What do you think of this idea? In addition, I suggest you start using a spell checker to avoid using words that don’t exist such as ‘alot’, ‘pakistan’ and ‘overthis’.

Many thanks,

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Hi Sonam,

You’ve come to the right place. All the best. The only suggestion I can make is ‘Don’t give up even if things get difficult along the way.’

Hi Torsten,
lol… (no offense)

Pakistan is a country. It exists but maybe not in the uncapitalized form.

have a nice day.

Hi Chintal,

Thanks for the note. Of course there is such a country called Pakistan. However, as you know the word ‘pakistan’ doesn’t exist while the word ‘Pakistan’ does.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Yes Torsten you are right, I have made spelling mistakes. Thanks Chintaladeepak…
Pakistan is such a famous country in today’s political turmoil and I am sure you would also have some views about our country. I would like to know about it.
I have joined this form and I am not leaving it now since I hope it would help me. I am BCS student but literature always attracts me.
See Torsten this time I am using a spell checker, I hope I have improved.
Thanks indeed

I think the most useful method to improve your speaking and vocabulary is to get use with listening to English news or movies until you get general idea about English speaking and learning new vocabulary, then You can rely on how you are quick to correct your mistakes.
Best Regards

thanks Aryam,that’s what most of the people suggest. Now I would surely try it.

Read, read, read…Talk, talk,talk. The surest way to rapid improvement.