What are five 'Cs'?


I figure that ‘C’ can refer to a bank note but which one is it and why is it C? I’ve come across this paragraph:

Whitey ripped open the envelope, found ten fifties. What had Roger called it? An advance? What did that mean? Five Cs for something he didn’t even understand: that bought a lot of trust.

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C - $100

I don’t know, why. Just slang.

it’s the Roman numeral for 100

Think about how, at the end of a movie (after the credits) from before the 21st century, they all started out with MCM…

…well that’s 1900.

M = 1000
CM = 900 (the 100 before the 1000 acts to subtract 100 from 1000, yielding 900)

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I heard through the grapevine that the so called ‘Five Cs of credit’ could be five characteristics used to judge a customer’s credit especially in banking services: Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, and Conditions.

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I also have found the same definition of ‘five Cs of credit’.

And, as I know)), nobody knows why. At school I was taught that Romans took the system from Etruscans.

Oh, yes…
In Britain (in London especially) some great building are ‘superscribed’ in the Roman Empire manner,
by all those MDCCCCIII (1903) and the like.