What are "application rate difficulties"?


Could you please take a look at this and tell me what “application rate difficulties” are?

However due to application rate difficulties with our system at the time, product was only applied at approx 50-60% of the desired rate.

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Hi Torsten

Without further context, I can only say that your sentence apparently refers to someone having ‘problems achieving the desired rate at which something is applied to something else’.

Hi Amy,

Here is the paragraph:

The substance was added to the cattle drinking water in September 2005. However due to application rate difficulties with our system at the time, product was only applied at approx 65-80% of the desired rate.
From February 2006 the desired application rates were achieved, and therefore data prior to this may be ignored.

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Hi Torsten

I assume that the “system” is the machinery or process they use which adds the substance to the water, and this wasn’t functioning properly. Therefore, the rate at which the cattle received the substance was not the desired one. Initially, the cattle weren’t getting enough of the substance.

That’s my take.

Makes perfect sense, Amy. Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response.

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Hi Torsten

‘Apply’ is often used to mean ‘add to’ and the related word 'application. I’ve just crept out to my garden where the rain is falling down and there is a howling wind and picked up a container called Plant Food and on the label written (for those interested) in Irish English because the mixture is produced in the Republic of Ireland and it says:


Use Application

For pots up to 5cm in diameter one capful

Just thought I’d add some ‘realia’


Many thanks for that, Alan. Now I’m starting to understand Irish English too…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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