What are all the kinds of cats and witch one do you like?

revenge of the cat. :lol:

I’m allergic to cats. And if I wanted to be ignored, I wouldn’t keep a pet in the first place.

Go dogs!



I think you mean “which one”. The word “witch” has a very different meaning.

The word witch reminds me of the Witch Hunt period (Middle Ages)

sorry for the title misspelling, i have trouble figuring out “witch” which is which pun
anyway, plz help! i need to change the title

We have lots of domestic cats, Siamese, Japanese Bobtail, a Rag doll, a Maine Coon, and several other Persians. These Persian cats are hard to take care of, they have be separated from the others. My sister – who thinks she was a cat in previous life, along with my other sisters used to take care of them but now they are away for studies so we have to hire a maid just to take care of the cats.

I think one third of our cat population is made from black cats, one of them is Pempaa, I like her because she scares my niece, big time. :lol:

At last, somebody in the family who shares my DNA. (Not so fond of cats, or any other animal.)