what adjective can be used in to describe this?


I would like to ask about an adjective which can be used to describe a woman who is… not decent, who seems to be willing to flirt with men and whose looks, actions, etc seem to make men… sexually arouse.

(I am writing a film review and I just can’t find any proper word for this)

Thank you very much.

tart, whore, floozy, tease, femme fatale, harlot, slut,…

Thank you very much, BN, but actually I’m looking for an adj, not a noun. Besides, I’m hoping to use a word that is not very ‘heavy’ because she doesn’t seem to be indecent enough to be called a tart or floozy.

Many thanks again :slight_smile:


You say that she just likes to flirt and that she isn’t really promiscuous. So you might simply use the adjective of “to flirt” – flirtatious. That is, she is mostly all talk. She just likes to toy with the boys but not much more. She just likes to tease.