What about some slang? - "out of the blue"

I suggest posting some slang here. The next one to post is supposed to type its meaning and leave another slang term, and so on and so forth.

The first one is:

[b][color=red]out of the blue

Let’s start it easily…[/b]

I am out of the blue, I might be once you in love you’re feeling blue. so when you out of the blue, you might have invited a lady to go out.

A productive idea !

out of the blue - suddenly, without any notice, at an unexpected time. (She showed up at the wedding out of the blue)

to pull the wool over somebody eyes

= to deceive

Did you really pay $250 for that watch? That’s not a Rolex; it’s just a cheap knock-off! Boy did you ever get the wool pulled over your eyes!

talk turkey

= to discuss practically and frankly

–If we want to be on time, we need to set off early in the morning because the thoroughfare is very busy at noon
–Now you’re talking turkey !

not know someone from Adam

Although I’ve been getting a lot of help from Amy for quite some time now, I wouldn’t know her from Adam. :smiley:


put up or shut up

would you mind to send me the possesive adjective with full explanantion.