What a disappointment!


For ages I dithered, dillied and dallied over whether to buy a Kindle or not. I am a greedy book collector and now most of the rooms in our house have a bookcase or two to such an extent that now and again I have to give away to charity some of the books I have amassed in order to make room for new additions. I had great hopes of the Kindle and now I’ve got one, I find I’m pining for the feel, the touch and the smell of a book. It’s just not the same using an e-reader. You can’t even hear it when you turn the page. Have you tried a Kindle or something similar?


I haven’t heard of the Kindle, but I know what you’re on about - reading a book off a computer screen is not the same as holding a real hardcopy and turning pages with your hands. I prefer a paperback or hardcopy to a computer book hands down!