What a difference a day made.

After all the cold and wet days that we have had to suffer for quite a while,yesterday turned our World upside down.
The day started with a bright blue sky, and a temperature that climbed steadily throughout the day to +15C.
Even as it slowly fell after darkness, it remained above +4C.
The cooling caused some condensation which dampened the paths and roadways, but this is beginning to dry as the temperatures begin to climb once again.

Along the trail the daffodils were forcing themselves above ground level, as if to greet the Spring.
The grass was green and sparkling with dew.
The birds had a reason to sing once again.

By Sunday, should this weather continue, we shall be met with the golden hues of thousands of daffodils swaying in the warm breeze.
People who have formerly been huddled in their Winter garb are now dressing in lighter clothing, and all waving a cheery “Good morning.”

Yes indeed, we have all been breathlessly awaiting the arrival of Spring, and it seems to have finally arrived!


Sounds very beautiful indeed.

I should really like to visit Europe at spring sometimes. Pray I have enough money to do so…LOL.