What a day!

What exactly does the expression “What a day!” mean?


It indicates that you have either had a very good day or a very bad day or a very interesting day for some other reason.

What do you mean " for some other reason?" You mean something unexpected, good or bad or interesting, has happened?

Hello again Ruifeng!
You’re absolutely right, if something unusual (for you of course) happened in your life you may say ‘What a day!’.
Just imagine. You have overslept and missed the important meeting, your car has broken down, your son have introduced his girlfriend to you, and finally you have met a strange woman in a street and helped to brought her child into the world.

And in the evening by sitting near the fireplace you may have a glass of wine and you say ‘What a day’ :wink:

Wow, that really sounds an eventful day! :stuck_out_tongue: