wether we should encourage advertisements' development

Good afternoon, Kitos. Thank you for checking my essay ^.^

Various advertisements have bought our lives enormous influences and even are enlarging its influenced scope. Some people believe it will be beneficial to encourage advertisements’ development, while others support that it should be banned because of its uselessness and damages it causes. From my own perspective, I totally agree with the first viewpoint.

The reason for favouring its existence and development may involve below recognitions. First of all, it is an efficient approach for shop for all of us. Advertisements provide all the latest news of products. Thus, people can conveniently obtain the update on merchandise they are desirable to purchase without stepping even a step out of doors.

Secondly, it is also the best method to educate citizens. For instance, non-profit advertisements are helpful to develop some traditional virtues and cultures, which are almost disappearing in daily lives, as we are tending to pay more attention to vivid pictures. Besides, the awareness, like environmental protection, can improve effectively because of its extensive influences.

Last but not least, economical profits the advertisements have brought exceed what we can image. The number of related companies is increasing with its appearance in recent years. Therefore, more jobs can be provided to reduce the pressures of employment. Meanwhile, it also activates the appearance of some related majors, like Advertisement Designing.

Although we cannot deny some advertisements serve useless purposes, they are the minority, after all. Actually, for our lives, customs and economy of society, the benefits of advertisements are transparent. In conclusion, it plays a vital role for us, and should be developed well and continuously.

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