Well or Good ?

Which one is correct?
It’s quite well.
It’s quite good.

me gustaria saber para que se utiliza el well y el good. En culaes casos.

“It’s quite good” would be much more usual.

“well”, in the sense you are trying to use it here, is usually used only to refer to people’s health (e.g. you would say “He’s quite well”). At the moment, the only use of “It’s quite well” that I can think of is when an inanimate object is endowed with human characteristics. For example, it might be feasible to say of a computer “It’s quite well”, meaning, in a slightly humorous way, that it is working correctly. This is rather unusual though. I also have a feeling that in old language “well” may have been used to describe favourable situations, but that use is pretty much obsolete.

  1. “He’s quite well.”
  2. “He’s quite good.”
    Are both correct?

They are both correct but they mean different things. #1 is talking about someone’s health. #2 would typically be talking about someone’s skill or ability in some activity or (typically of children) someone’s behaviour.


It is now quite common in the UK, when asked “How are you?” to answer “I’m good”, meaning “I’m well”. Am I the only English native speaker who cringes every time they hear this?

Here in the United States, if we say the cake is quite good, we wish to say it is very good. I have read that “quite good” in England is NOT such a strong compliment. Is that true?

Thank you.

It certainly is. To say it’s ‘quite good’ is almost an insult.

To me, this rather depends on the intonation: the expression generally feels less enthusiastic with the stress on “quite” than with the stress on “good”.

God helps me, it’s getting complicated ! :frowning:

Hi, Solan.

I am very sorry to report this, but it even gets more complicated.

You should say, “God help me.” (No “s.”) You are asking God to help you; you are not saying that He (She?) helps you at the present time.

You are right.
Thanks Dear James


You are very welcome.