Well into her forties & push two fifty


While reading “A Walk to Remember” I found some interesting sentences:

She was big, at least six feet two, with flaming red hair and pale skin that showed her freckles well into her forties. She was also overweight - I’d say honestly she pushed two fifty.

  1. “well into her forties”, does it mean she’s over forty, maybe in her mid or late forties?
  2. “pushed two fifty” I don’t understand what “push” means here. I guess “she weighed as much as two fifty (100 pounds)”. What does “push” mean exactly?
  3. Two fifty means, I guess, 100 pounds. Then you can simply say a hundred, but why would you call it “two fifty”?

Please satisfy my curiosity!

Thank you in advance,


Definitely over forty.

Based on the context it certainly means what you think, namely, that she weighs at least 100 pounds if not more.

I guess the factor ‘two’ sounds more than just ‘one’ hundred.


I believe this is saying that she is a rather formidable woman at 6 feet 2 inches tall, nearly 250 lbs and with bright red hair.


As for the word “pushing”, think of the situation in which you are physically pushing something. You are close enough to touch it and apply pressure to it. You’re certainly not at any large distance from it.