weird joke

Hi Guys,

I’m just wondering, I’ve turned my head around but still had no idea about this joke:

Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a-salted.

Is anyone able to explain where’s the funny bit?

Please let me know


One was a salted peanut, the other wasn’t, although the quip is that this particular one was ASSAULTED.


thanks Kito´s explanantion and after a while the penny has dropped. It´s one of those non funny gags like the following:

Two brain injured walk along the street. All of the sudden the one requests the other to let him into the middle.

Does anyone else know such silly gags, too?


Two men walked into a bar. Luckily both were uninjured.

Two men talking.

“I had a stoke last night.”

“I’m sorry to hear that mate.”

“Yeah, the wife said if I’m good I can have another stroke tonight.”

Q : Why is driving and drinking a bad habit?
A : Because you might spill your drink.

Mc Drive would be grateful if you did. lol

There’s something evil about that Stephen Hawking guy that gives me the creeps!!

Its not what he says! - its the way that he says it.! :slight_smile:

Was it not weird then, Michael?

Oh, and I think I have another one:

Q : How do fish call each other?
A : By using Shell Phones.

lol You…

btw, here is one from the pretty short fraction:

masochist: “Torture me!!!”
sadist…: “Nnnnnnnnoooooooooo…”

Introduction: My major in the university is Artificial Intelligence. :smiley:

Unfortunately, here is a joke in my hundred times lovely country that my friends always say to me:

your natural Intelligence is good for nothing, what do you expect from an artificial one?

Hum…, isn’t it a witty saying!


They asked Newton: Why did you shock from that falling apple?
Newton replied: Because I had laid down under a pear tree!


Big LOL. I like that one!

Was Newton actually surprised in the real history, though? Just curious. I knew what Archimedes did when he invented the Archimedes’ Law, but Newton…all I know is that he was skipping school when he invented the concept of gravity.

To be honest, when I am thinking about this Newton’s joke, it makes me roll on the floor laughing!