wedding crime


I would like to ask about the term used to describe a person, a criminal who makes women believe he wants to marry them in order to get money from them and them dissapears with the money and again finds another woman to deceive her, not necessarily physically cheating on her. The literal translation of the term in my native language could be “a marriage trickster”

Thank you.
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I don’t think there’s a term specific enough to be directly compared to ‘marriage trickster’.
The terms would be more general:
con-man, shyster, charlatan — tricksters in general rather than tricksters because they promise or hint at marriage.

I’m not sure whether the term is common in the UK, just have a read: … -27827523/

The page appears to be unavailable but in any case I don’t think it’s a specific term, just the phrase that the newspaper put together to describe this particular man.