Websites for learning English

I’m trying to learn better English. Does anyone know any websites that can help me, or that have exercises that I can practice online? What about websites where a teacher can help me through the internet?

Hi Alice,

Ya, there are several websites that enable you to learn english online. I know of one website that is very good in terms of learning english, they offered online teachers hourly(Conversational English with tutor online). They have over thousand hours of english language learning, I’ll Private message you the URL, not sure if i am allowed to post the URL over here. Check your private messages. You can also email me at for more details if you need

Best Regards;
Eng Guan

Hi Ironman. I am not really sure if i can put the url of the website here. perhaps you would like to mail me so that i can give you the URL and tell you more if you wish. My email address is

This Website that i am talking about have hourly online teachers to guide you. There will be different lessons at different times. There are also practices as well as assessment after each online lesson.