weather forecasts vs weather reports

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Have you got any idea about the different of weather forecasts and weather reports?
If you have, then, please share your idea here!



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By following this link: … l-test.php

I wonder if anyone could tell me about the questions:

  1. Now let’s go … to our weather forecaster, Mary. (why we can’t use ON as i used to say: go on to the next page or go on to the next person.)
  2. These will … some rainfall later this morning. ( why we can’t use CARRY as i used to say: the clouds carry the rain.)

Please clarify these two sentences if possible.

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  1. It’s the terminology used in a television studio. ‘Over’ is used when there is an on-screen handover from one commentator/announcer to another.
  2. Rain is what the clouds produce. It is not rain until it falls Water vapour is what is carried in the clouds (until the point where there is so much vapour that it falls as rain).

Dear beeesneees,

Thank you very much for your reply. For the explaination to the first question, it is very clear for me, so that I think I can remember it very well. However, the second question, I still feel a bit confusing as I don’t get used to the words related to weather, but I will take note that clouds produce rain and they carry water vapour.

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