We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people.

Topic:We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people. In your opinion, what are some important characteristics of a co-worker

Ever since globalization has came in to existence one has to work with different kinds of people.Most of the times we need to work as a team to achieve success.So kind of people one works with becomes a major factor to work as a team.In my opinion co-worker should have the following characteristics
1.Ability to work in a team. 2.Flexibility. 3.Good communication skills. 4.Learning ability. 5.Honesty,Hard working 6.Ethics

First characteristic that a co-worker should have is ability to work in a team.This is because in a group project every one contributes some delta to project.Later those deltas are summed up to become final deilvery of work.Even if one contribution misses it adversely affects the total project.So every worker has to learn how to work in a team.Flexibilty is also other important characteristic.In a team one cannot always expect to get same type of work.Depending on project priorities every one should be able to work in different projects as and when need arises.

One of the important skills that a worker should have is communication skills.If a person is not able to communicate properly then productivity of the team also abates.One reason for this might be lot of time taken for understanding.Other important skill that co-worker should have is learning abililty.One should have quest for learning new things then only can a team come up with out of box ideas.Honesty and hard working also plays a major role at work place.This is because if person is not honest then team cannot rely on that person even though information is correct.So above two qualities are quite essential for sucess of team.

Finally of all the characteristics ethics occupies paramount importance.If a worker doesn’t follow ethics then one may not show respect towards the worker.So to gain respect one has to follow certain ethics.Ethics are like mirror image of nature of worker.In my opinion every one should follow some ethics in life for sucess.If all the above qualities are present in a co-worker, then that team will become sublime and no obstacle can hinder their path to sucess.

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