Does anybody have any experience with washnuts?

Nope, never seen them before (though they look eerily familiar :))) ).
Are they any good in terms of taste?

No idea! Just read “Washnuts offer an environmentally sound alternative to using washing powder, and in Asian countries they have long been a traditional means of washing clothes and hair.”

I think they may be similar to ‘wash balls’. These are tennis-ball size balls made of rubber which you put in with the washing in the washing machine and then theoretically don’t need to use washing powder. I can’t imagine how you would wash your hair with them.

I tried washnuts for a while but I wasn’t too happy with the result. I guess the water here is just too hard.


Dear all,

Thanks for introducing me to a new term. At first, I was thinking about chestnut, but it has completely different use. I am very excited to try these nuts to wash clothes in the washing machine. I hope I will find it in a reasonable price because most people are into natural and organic staff these days.

It is also called Soap nuts a natural substitute for laundry detergent. Here is some information I have got from the web on how to use the soapnuts. Put two or three of the soapnuts into a drawstring bag and toss it in the washing machine. It can be useful for three to four loads of clothes before they need to be replaced.

I was thinking that it might be working only with hot water because the hot water can soften the nuts. However, it works with all levels of temperature. It is also good for delicate clothing.

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Hm . . . I don’t know. They just drove me nuts.


Hi Claudia,

You have already tried them, how nice. Did you like the smell?


Hi Kkebe,

after I washed my clothes in the machine with the washnuts instead of my regular laundry detergent, the wash came out as if I had washed it with hot water only. I never noticed a nice scent, either. I had to wash the clothes again, so I used double the power and water back then. I am always looking for good alternatives to chemical detergents and cleaners that might save the environment, for example, I clean my sinks and decalcify with vinegar essence. I also use orange oil as a stain remover. And my dish detergent is based on lemon and glucosides, but the soap nuts didn’t work for me.


Hi Claudia,

Thank you for sharing your experience with washnuts. I was in the process of looking the nuts to purchase it, but I have not found the store yet. So, it may not work for me too.

I see that you like a natural clinging product. I have been using vinegar, lime and baking soda as a house hold cleaner for a while, and it has been working really well. I used it to clean bathtub, toilet, countertops, stove, and floor and almost pretty much everything. To flush out the toilet, I do not dilute the vinegar but for the rest, I use the diluted vinegar.

I also use baking soda as a deodorizing agent for the refrigerator, freezer, and the house because the smell of vinegar is a little bit strong for me. I really like using this method of clinging because it is effective, healthy and inexpensive.

Did you know some people use apple cider vinegar to rinse their hair?

Great to hear from you,


They say that cider vinegar is really great for hair and scalp. I’m just afraid that it might burn if I pour it over my head. I once tried beer since it supposedly adds body and shine to fine hair. Afterwards, I felt a bit as if I smelled like a brewery. I didn’t want people to think that I’m an alcoholic. The beer smell didn’t vanish after the rinse, and my hair felt sticky, too, so I gave up on that, lol.

Baking soda works really well, lime and lemon juice, too. I keep a bit of baking soda in my fridge as an odor absorbent. Before I clean my microwave/grill/air circulation oven, I place a bowl of water with lemon juice inside and let it microwave for a few minutes, then I wipe the oven with warm water. The thin film of grease is much easier to remove and the oven smells fresh like lemons.

Once a month I turn into a washnut and do all my laundry in a day. The area in front of my washing machine looks a bit like a miniature of the Alps then: mountains and mountains of clothes. :wink:

Have a wonderful remaining Sunday,


Dear Claudia,

I like your humor very much. I would not pour it on my scalp either. I am so sure it will burn the scalp and damage the skin. If I have to try I will probably try the diluted

Oh God that is very funny too, I can imagine how people looking at you and try to figure out what is going on, especially, on a bright day light smelling beer. The nosy one looks around to see or ask each other “did you smell alcohol?”

hi hi, I like the miniature of the Alps.

Thank you for funny and educational reply,