WARNING ! Please Be Patient in 2012

  1. WARNING ! Please Be Patient in 2012. ( W

  2. Don’t make any aggressive movements in 2012.

  3. Safeguard your own house, family and nation.

4.There will be frequent natural disasters all over the world . Especially Eathquakes and Floods.

Because of the Capricorn is on the stride.

  1. **** Don’t pose any military campaign. You will be perished.

6.2012 is the year for radical changes.

7.Don’t be arrogant, OR you will receive flying objects or get burned or be swallowed up ground or drown.

  1. Don’t make unnecessary travels, or stranded yourself in a foreign land.

P.S >> Please be careful with yourself, for some time I can see things before they happen.

I had foreseen the major quakes and tsunami before. ***Even if you don’t believe it, don’t ridicule it.


Predicted by Kyaw Min Lwin ( BURMA ). 5/11/2011.

I wrote this topics with full consciousness and my love to mankind. Since it is necessary for me to write it.

with kind regards.

People born under Capricorn sign Dec. 22- Jan.19 should pay more attention to your health and family matters. Don’t annoy the people born under Libra sign Sept.23 - Oct. 22. Being friendly with them is beneficial for you. Country under Capricorn sign should do so.

kind regards.

Many souls will be perished in the coming disasters. It is inevitable. You can be the one as well. Pay more attentions to your own religion before your poor soul disappears untimely. Death is nothing but a changing process of the soul to another life. Don’t paranoid. But be wise. Be kind to everybody even the animals. Try to have ablution of your soul as much as you can every day. It is the time to be a humble human. There will be no future for the greedy and the cruel.

kind regards.