Wanted: Translator(s) German-English!

Hello everyone,

We are looking for freelances who can translate texts from German into English. The current offer is a manual for users of a blended learning software program. The language is rather straightforward and there are only a few ‘core vocabulary words’ that we would need to find English equivalents for so we can use them consistently throughout the text.

The entire text is about 15,000 words and it’s available as an OpenOffice file. Alternatively, you can get the text as an MS Word file. I’ve already translated the first few pages of the manual including the table of contents and you can tell me how many pages you would like to translate. The deadline of the entire project is October 27.

Please use the forum to contact me so we can discuss details including payment, etc.
I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

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Sounds interesting. What do you pay per 1000 words, Torsten?

hi Torsten

Will put the idea to my team. But initially we would be interested.
Are you going ti divide the text to separate translators? If so you may want to consider a native speaker proof reader/copy editor.

I do proofreading on an hourly basis.

Some pages will need more time than others so this is the best way to charge(imho).

American living in Poland
English Teacher

You’ll get a copy of the original showing the corrections and a corrected copy. In both .doc and .ods formats.

Hi Amy,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. Since my price calculation is based on the so called ‘Euro Norm Line’ which consists of 55 characters including spaces, I’ll first have to convert that into a per 1000 word rate.

If you like, I can send you the one of the two files so you get a better idea of the text.
What do you think?

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Hi Stew,

Many thanks for your support. Yes, I think I’ll divide the text so a several translators will share the text. This means, we have to agree upon the translation of all the terms that are used throughout both documents.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi Torsten,

I’m also interested in this project. I am a native speaker in both German and English and have done quite a bit of translating. I think that the price calculation of the ‘Euro Norm Line’ is 1€ per line, is that what you were thinking? You are right, we will definately have to agree upon the translation of the terms used in the documents. I’m happy to start asap, once the price is set and we delegate how many pages everyone translates.


Sehr geehrter Herr Daerr!

Sie suchen einen hochmotivierten und in den Bereichen Online-Training und IT-Software erfahrenen Profi-Übersetzer der für Sie aus dem Deutschen ins Englische übersetzt.

Mein Name ist Martin Robinshaw. In England geboren, arbeite ich seit 1996 in Osnabrück als professioneller, selbständiger Übersetzer, Werbetexter und L10N-Projektmanager. Ich bin Mitglied des Verbandes der deutschen Übersetzer (VDÜ), und früherer Mitglied des Bundesverbandes der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ) und habe an der Manchester Metropolitan University, England, Betriebswirtschaft studiert und am
Napier College, Edinburgh, Schottland, meinen Diplomabschluß im Fachbereich Computer und Marketing gemacht.

Zu den Unternehmen, für die ich neulich Projekte durchgeführt habe, gehören insbesondere Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, BMW AG, Nintendo of Europe GmbH, Eureka Klett, DHL Worldwide, Compuware GmbH, Intergraph AG, Röhm GmbH/Hüls Gruppe AG, Samsung Semiconductor GmbH, SAP AG, STRATO AG,
Toyota Europe GmbH, Volkswagen AG, Zanders Feinpapier AG, uva.

Mein Zieltext-Zeilenpreis liegt bei netto 70 Eurocents je DIN-Normzeile.

Ich arbeite mir DejaVu & Trados-Freelance.

Sollten Sie weitere Informationen benötigen, stehe ich Ihnen unter der nachstehenden Telefonnummer jederzeit gern zur Verfügung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Martin Robinshaw

PS: Momentan am besten erreichbar unter +49 5 41 / 1 81 37 19.

Martin Robinshaw

German office
Bramsche Str. 91
D-49088 Osnabrück

Call: +49 (0)5 41/6 70 65 77
Mobile: +49 (0)1 60/1 70 66 42

Spanish office

Physical Address
El Guro
Calle La Cuestita de Guro 7
E-38870 Valle Gran Rey
La Gomera
Islas Canarias

Postal Address
Apartado de Correos 783
E-38870 Valle Gran Rey
La Gomera
Islas Canarias

Call: +34 9 77/80 57 55
Mobile: +34 6 18/47 72 43

Fax: +49 1 80/5 48 20 04 50 54 (with country code)
E-mail: martin@robinshaw.de
Skype: martin.robinshaw

Please view my profile at:

Professional English Language Services, Technology
& Consulting


Nun können Sie unter „Übersetzung 1“ den Titel und die Beschreibung in einer anderen Sprache (hier beispielsweise englisch) eingeben. Wählen Sie im Falle der englischen Übersetzung unter Sprache „Englisch“ aus. Nun können Sie auswählen, welche Spracheinstellung Standard sein soll (anklicken des entsprechenden Kreises hinter „Sprache“). Über den Button „Übersetzung hinzufügen“ können Sie weitere Sprach-Übersetzungen eingeben.

Ihre Übersetzung:

You can now enter the title and description in another language under “Translation 1”. The example given here uses English. For an English translation, select “English” under Language. You can now select the default language setting by clicking the circle behind your language of choice. Click “Add Language” to enter other translations.

Dear Ange, Dear Martin Robeshaw, Dear Stew and Amy, Dear Translator Colleagues,

Many thanks for your interest in working on this project. Earlier today I posted this ad on of the largest translation/translators forums and so far I received more than 20 offers via email. To make the selection process more transparent and effective, it would be great if you could translate the words on the list below. Since we need to agree on a common terminology, we will need to complete this task anyway. The list contains some of the few terms that are rather specific. The rest of the text is written in simple German with lots of repetitions. To open the list, please click on this link: blended learning wordlist.

To keep track of the entries, please post your suggestions regarding the translation here on the forum.

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten,

your project appears very interesting and I would like to submit a quote.

But first, please find the translations for your list of terms below:

authors manual

Ausbildung im Einzelhandel
apprenticeship in retail industry (or “training” depending on context)

product range

product range structure

Sortiment ‘Weisse Ware’
2 alternatives: “white goods” for American readers or “household appliances” for the rest of them

der Mehrwert dieser Lernsoftware
the added value of this learning software

eine Lernumgebung mit der Software erstellen
creating a learning environment with this software

all the following “questions” could also be translated as “queries”, depending on context

Fragentypenübergreifende Einstellungen und Funktionen
comprehensive settings and functions for question types

question types

order question (many alternatives depending on context, this would be correct if the question concerns the word order in a sentence)

free text question

Lückentextfrage mit Text-Lücken
cloze text question with text gaps

Lückentextfrage mit Auswahl-Lücken
Close text question with selection gaps

Zuordnungsfrage (Text)
attribution question (depends on context, allocation question would be the more technical alternative)

I hope you will agree that adding a translation of your preview text would now be redundant as Mr. Robinshaw has already done a good job at it.

Concerning myself: I am a freelance translator with native languages German and English (born in US, raised in Germany, Scottish mother, German father) focusing on technical translations. I am currently based in Bavaria.

Trained in university as a mechanical engineer and having worked as a production planner with a well known German car manufacturer in an international team while employing numerous specialised software programs, I can throw in an extensive technical vocabulary and feel for language against technical or IT-specific backgrounds.

My last translations included technical texts on biogas facilities, desalination plants and a 300 page maintenance manual on coagulation measuring instruments.

Und nun auf deutsch: Da ich in der Lage bin sehr zügig zu arbeiten biete ich Ihnen einen Tarif von 0,55€ pro Normzeile an. In Abhängigkeit vom Zeitpunkt einer möglichen Auftragserteilung kann ich Ihnen problemlos den vollständigen Text übersetzen, sehr gerne arbeite ich aber auch mit anderen Kollegen an diesem Projekt zusammen.

Es würde mich sehr freuen, von Ihnen zu hören.

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Abend und verbleibe.

Roy Simon

Mietzing 27
94469 Deggendorf

Dear Torsten,

please find my suggestions for the translations below. Some changes may need to be made after consulting the context.

Kind regards,

Martin Robinshaw

  1. Autorenhandbuch - Author’s Guide

  2. Ausbildung im Einzelhandel - Training in the retail trade

  3. Sortiment - Assortment

  • Product line
  • Product range
  • Sales mix
  • Line of goods
  • Line of merchandise
  • Range of goods
  • Range of products
    je nach Kontext / Präferenz
  1. Sortimentsstruktur - Inventory structure

  2. ‘Weisse Ware’ - White Goods

  3. der Mehrwert dieser Lernsoftware - Added-value provided by this courseware

  4. eine Lernumgebung mit der Software erstellen - “Use software to a create a learning environment” (GUI) od. “Create a learning environment with the software” (Handbuch)

  5. Fragentypenübergreifende Einstellungen und Funktionen - Settings and functions applicable across all question types

  6. Fragetypen: - Question types:

  7. Anordnungsfrage - Correlation question

Bei diesem Fragentyp werden vorgegebene Grafiken oder Texte in die richtige Reihenfolge gebracht.

  1. Freitext-Frage - Free text question

  2. Lückentextfrage mit Text-Lücken - “Fill in the gap” questions (edit box entries)

Hier werden mit Eingabefeldern fehlende Passagen im Text ergänzt

  1. Lückentextfrage mit Auswahl-Lücken - “Fill in the gap” questions (selection from
    drop down menu)

Hier werden mit Pull Down Menüs fehlende Passagen im Text ergänzt

  1. Zuordnungsfrage (Text) - Correlation questions (text)

Hier müssen Texten oder Grafiken inhaltlich zugehörige Texte aus einer Auswahl zugeordnet werden.

Hi Torsten,

Ive done a quick translation for you, but it would be better if the context was there and I knew exactly what it was for. Let me know if you like what Ive done. I’d love to help you out and I know I could do a great job! Im not sure if you are looking for the cheapest option or whether money isnt an issue, but I would still like to get €1 per line, as that is the norm and I think that I would be well worth it! :wink: Hope to hear from you soon.


Instruction Manual / Author’s Guide

Ausbildung im Einzelhandel
Retail Traineeship
Training in Retail

Product Range

Assortment Structure
Product Range Structure

Sortiment ‘Weisse Ware’
Assortment ‘White Goods’/‘Household Appliances’
Product Range ‘White Goods’/‘Household Appliances’

der Mehrwert dieser Lernsoftware
the addtional/added value of this educational software

eine Lernumgebung mit der Software erstellen
to create a learning environment with the software

Fragentypenübergreifende Einstellungen und Funktionen
general settings and features

types of questions:

arrangement question
classification question

free text question

Lückentextfrage mit Text-Lücken
cloze text question with text gaps

Lückentextfrage mit Auswahl-Lücken
cloze text question with optional text gaps

Zuordnungsfrage (Text)
assignment question (text)
allocation question

Dear Ange, dear Martin, dear Roy,

Thanks a lot for your immediate responses. I’ll get back to you soon.
Best regards,

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Dear Torsten,

I am interested in your translation project. I am a British BA graduate in German and French, currently living in Spain and I have experience in translation. I charge 0.04 euros / word.

Here are the phrases:

Instruction manual

Ausbildung im Einzelhandel
Training in the retail trade

Product range

Product range structure

Sortiment ‘Weisse Ware’
‘White Goods’ product range / ‘Household Appliances’ product range

der Mehrwert dieser Lernsoftware
the extra value of this educational software

eine Lernumgebung mit der Software erstellen
to create a learning environment with the software

Fragentypenübergreifende Einstellungen und Funktionen
general settings and functions

types of questions:

classification question

free text question

Lückentextfrage mit Text-Lücken
Fill-The-Gap Questions

Lückentextfrage mit Auswahl-Lücken
Multiple choice Fill-The-Gap Questions

Zuordnungsfrage (Text)
Text association questions

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
Holly Human.

Hi Torsten

I am also interested in your project if you require any further help. I generally charge 0.07 euro per word but am open to negotiation.

I would be happy to look at some sample texts if you would like to email these to me.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kate Sedgwick

Dear Torsten,

I am interested in undertaking the translation job in the language pair GERMAN-ENGLISH (advertised also in “Proz.com”), or a part of it, at a rate of 0.06 EURO (Six cents of EURO) per source word.

To the purpose of assisting you meet a decision, I am also sending you my CV, as shown further below.

Hope receiving your response soon, possibly with any suggestions and/or further questions by your side,


Member of the Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM),

Thessaloniki, Greece - Friday, 17th of October, 2008.


    Member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Translators (PEM).

  2. Successfully completed university level studies:
    B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Communication and Journalism : (1990)

  3. Other qualifications:
    a) Language Qualification: “CAMBRIDGE Certificate
    b) Language Qualification: " GROSSES DEUTSCHES
    SPRACHDIPLOM of Goethe Institut -MUNICH University in GERMAN"
    c) Attendance of Higher National Diploma course in
    Computing and Technology (Course NOT completed): (Polytechnic of Central London).
    d) VOR-Diplom course in Physics: Four (4) semesters out of the totally twelve (12) semesters of the Diplom course (Universität Köln: Germany).
    e) Seminary of Teaching Methodology for Teachers of GERMAN at the GOETHE Institute in THESSALONICA of 80-hour total duration (October 1996 to May 1997).

  4. Working languages :
    · Source language(s) : - ENGLISH - GERMAN - GREEK.

· Target language(s) : - GREEK - ENGLISH - GERMAN.

  1. IT skills:
    Windows, Office: Microsoft WORD- EXCEL- POWERPOINT.

  2. Professional experience:

2004 - 2008: Freelance Translator:
Major customers:
European and American translation agencies.
Subject fields: Education, Business, Law, Marketing,
Medical, Engineering, Science, mostly between the languages ENGLISH-GERMAN, and partly between GREEK-ENGLISH and/or GREEK-GERMAN.

2002 - 2003: Translator in cooperation with officially recognised translation agency in Thessaloniki: Translation of official certificates, Engineering Manuals, Legal
documents, from GREEK to GERMAN and vice versa.

Other professional experience:
Prior to my full time employment as a Freelance Translator :
– I was employed as a Teacher of English in the sector of private education in Greece for almost ten (10) years (1991 - 2000), after I had been granted Teaching
Licence by the Ministry of Education of Greece on the basis of the “Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English”.
– Also, likewise, I was employed as a Teacher of German in the sector of private education for more than two (2) years (1999 - 2001), after I had been granted the Teaching Licence by the above mentioned Ministry on the basis of the “Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom”.

Translation : on average 0.05 EURO (Five cents of EURO) or: $0.07 (Seven cents of U.S.Dollar) per source word.

Editing : on average 0,02 EURO (Two cents of EURO) or: $0.03 (Three cents of U.S.Dollar) per source word.

Proofreading : on average 0,01 EURO (One cent of EURO) or: $0.02 (Two cents of U.S.Dollar) per source word.

Payment Terms : Via PAY PAL or BANK TRANSFER within 15 (fifteen) days after the delivery of the translation file or at the end of each month for on-going
translation projects performed and delivered during the same month.

Hello everyone,

Many thanks for all your responses – it is great to have such a team of motivated professionals. I’d just like to tell you that this particular project is being translated by Holly Human since she was one the first to respond and to translate the 10 key words I posted on the forum. Holly also agreed to translate the entire document which will make the process run more smoothly.

By the end of next week there will be another translation/localization job available and if you like, you can take a look at the following key words as are part of that translation:
kommunale Verkehrssicherungspflicht
höhere Beständigkeit / längere Nutzungsdauer des sanierten Bordsteins

Please let me know what you think.
Best regards,

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So who got the job?

If I can help by putting it into my schedule, I’ll help for nowt!


Hi Rob,

Holly did the translation and she did an excellent job. She actually has done a second translation too which was more like a ‘localization’ of a website. She is a great translator and it’s good to hear that you want to support us. Thanks a lot for that! I’ll let you know as soon as we get another translation/localization job.


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