Walking barefooted!


In Pakistan many people enjoy walking barefoot in their houses. Whether their houses are carpeted or not, they roam around with nothing at all on their feet! Strange, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to know about Europe. Do you people also like to do so? Do you wear flip flops?


Hi Tom

I’m an American living in Europe. When I’m at home (and don’t have any “formal” visitors) I’m almost always barefoot. In fact, I’m barefoot right now. :lol:
Sometimes in the dead of winter I might decide to put on a pair of socks, though.


I like walking barefooted at home only in summer because In winter the floor is very cold despite the central heating and thick carpets. :smiley: But being the daughter and sister of two surgeons I assure you that walking barefooted in the garden and street is very useful for our health though there are people that deny this fact :cry:

To tell the truth, boys and girls seldom wore shoes when they were young, let’s say, probably before they got into schools. It sure can save mums some trouble making new shoes for us! :smiley:

But, now it seems hard to walk barefooted, and it is not really a pleasant experience to walk barefooted on those city roads! I bet you will gonna become the one standing in the spotlight! :lol:

Well, it is really comfortable to stay at home and take off your shoes for some time. Anyhow, our ancestors did not wear shoes!!! :wink:

We don’t normally walk barefoot at home, but usually wear slippers, flip-flops, thick house socks or any other comfortable shoes. Something we never do, however, (contrary to people in American films) is put our shoes on the bed or sofa. Unless they are covered in mud, we don’t leave our shoes outside the door, either, as people in some countries often do.

Walking barefoot on wet sand is the most pleasant experience I’ve had of this kind. Now, if it had been along a desert beach, it would have been bliss.


barefoot adv. and adj.
barefooted adj. only (not so commonly used)

Hi Conchita,Tom,Amy
To be honest at home I prefer to be with sandals,loafers or tennis shoes,I used to walk barefoot when I was a teenager then I changed because the older I am the colder I feel …but during summer I could walk barefoot in the beach as Conchita said or at home.