"Wait" and "await", what's the difference?

Please? :slight_smile:

" I await your pleasure. " Whenever you are ready. It’s up to you. Any-time.

" I’ll wait for you." ( But not too long. )

Uh… sorry but I don’t really get it =/

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Looking forward to contributing some and also gaining some knowledge along the way… mods, feel free to move this if
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Me too. Could somebody please help to explain a little more?
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Very roughly speaking, I would say await = wait for, and wait for is more common.

Hey Siam, I’m sorry, but I think you should say “neither did I” or " I don’t get it either", since you agreed with a negative sentence, ok? :wink:

About wait and await I got it now, wait is for something already arranged or something you know that will happen in the near future. Await is used for situations where you don’t know when it’s going to happen at all, so maybe it could take weeks, months, years, etc.



Hi Mauricio
Yes, you’re right. Thanks so much for your advice. After leaving school for a long time, I always mistake some simple English. Therefore,this forum is very useful to me. Also thanks for your clarifying about “wait vs. await”. It is clear to me.
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