i really need to enlarge my vocabulary. i read and write 25 vocabularies a day but i cant seem to remember all of them after a week. but i am in such a field where vocabulary is a must.


May I most respectfully remind you that the word “vocabulary” in English means all the words that you know in one language?

If you speak English and French, then you would have two vocabularies.

I think that you wish to say that you read and write 25 new WORDS every day. Am I correct?

By the way, may I gently remind you that the first person pronoun “I” is always capitalized in English? (I hear that in some languages –

perhaps yours? – people do not capitalize “I.” But English speakers do.)

The only way to know more words in English is to read, read, read. Also, keep a list of words that you can use when you need to write something. For example, if you want to describe a “rich” man, you could use another word for “rich,” such as “wealthy.” You, of course, know what a dictionary is. Do you know what a thesaurus is? A thesaurus is a book of synonyms. I am looking at one this minute. Here are some
synonyms for “get”: procure, obtain, acquire, secure, gain, etc. You can read a thesaurus on the Internet, too.

Good luck!

Reading is the only way to gather vocabulary.