Voc:/ I've got you under my skin.

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  • What does the expression: ‘I’ve got you under my skin’ mean?

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You mean a great deal to me. I feel close to you. I am extremely attracted to you

It’s as if the person is so physically close that they are actually underneath the skin of the speaker. (Though it is obviously idiomatic rather than literal in this way).

However, you need to be aware that ‘You’ve got under my skin’ has a very different meaning.
Compare the two:

get under somebody’s skin (informal): to annoy somebody
Don’t let him get under your skin.

have got somebody under your skin (informal): to be extremely attracted to somebody

Thanks Beeesneees,

It’s true about what you say about ‘to get under somebody’s skin’ I heard in a dialogue.

Sable Colby: Ever since you made that call to Blake Carrington, you been like a grizzly bear. He really got under skin, didn’t he?
Jason Colby: Stop it Sable, Blake Carrington can’t annoy me.

By the way, I thought there was also a song called ‘I’ve got you under my skin.’ isn’t there?