Visa Status= In transit

Hi teachers,

(Visa) Status= In transit. Does it mean “in process”?

I sat the baby on the wall. Correct?

Is it correct or must I use this?
Is it correct or I must use this? Which one is correct?

Many thanks.

In transit = travelling

I sat the baby on the wall
is okay.

must I use this?
‘Must I’ is the standard inverted question form.

Thank you, Madam BN.
Means your visa form has not arrived yet. It is still on the way?

I don’t understand your latest question, Naeem.

Visa (Status) = In transit = travelling. What does it mean?

‘In transit’ usually means that they have posted/ sent something to you and it is on the way but it has not yet been received by you.

Thank you, Madam BN.