Hello Torsten and Michelle,

I’ve several times listened to the A tour of a Police Department in Florida and unluckily there was not a single whole sentence of this very nice cop what I would have repeat it or understood. Only some words I could understand. Perhaps am I deaf? He spoke so softly that for me it wasn’t understandable. I am very sad. It was a failure for me.

I was very happy that I found every video which are Torsten’s videos and they are very good. This duo -Torsten Daerr and Michelle - is very good, and it is good that we can find all of them on a same place on the You Tube.

Even one question: As in the EngWid those videos where the teachers speak very quickly or softly they put there the subscription. You can understand the text with the subscription, and after you understand if you close your eyes.

Sorry, that I complained.

Kati Svaby