Very Very/ Major major

Hi Mentors,

I had a conversation with one of my friends. I just heard a sentence which really caught my attention. This is how the sentence goes…

I have a very very nice story to share.

Is the very very correct?

What about this one-

I do not have any major major problem.

If you are one of the Miss Universe enthusiasts, you know this line from our deligate from the Philippines in Miss Universe 2010. She bagged the 4th runner-up 2010.

Thank you so much!


Yes, you can duplicate “very” to emphasise it. Usually a comma would be put after the first “very”.

You can duplicate adjectives for emphasis, but some cases work better than others. “major, major problem” is acceptable in itself. Looking for the full context in which this was said, I found a clip at YouTube, in which she’s seen to actually say “… there is nothing major, major, I mean, problem that I have done in my life”, which is not correct English.

These kinds of duplications tend to be used more in informal English or spoken English, and may not always be suitable in formal writing.


I totally agree with you. I think that kind of English is normal here in the Philippines but not acceptable in others.

Thank you Dozy :wink:

To be fair to the girl, even native English speakers mess up their spoken sentences like this when they’re under pressure and presented with a question that they don’t immediately know how to answer.

Yeah you are right.

BTW, What makes this sentence incorrect? … there is nothing major, major, I mean, problem that I have done in my life",

Is it the "major major " or putting “I mean” at the middle? …