Very interesting service

Well, I am impressed with your utter gall.

Couldn’t agree more, Mr. M.
There really ought to be a law…

Isn’t there any way of seeking some kind of digital revenge on people like this? :evil:

Hi all!

Additional to Mr. Micawber?s and Amy?s posts I?d like to mention that probably Big A…hole?s calculation of efficiency is definitely wrong!, at least his assumptions are wrong. As I could see here, very often spams which are written or send during the night will be deleted the next day immediately. So such a spam [color=red]don?t have a chance to achieve a [color=red]frequence of 25-30 visitors a week from each forum ! even as wrong is the assumption that the spam does have a long lasting life time, so that their clients can?t achieve a range of 100-200 potential customers. So I think, potential clients of Big A…hole better ought to be careful to spend money to such little serious business sharks.

Annoying for providers of sites like this is only to have the work with deleting stupid spams from such idiots.



We seem to be bombarded with spam at the moment and I usually manage to kill it straightaway. But it’s rather like weeds in the garden, you think you’ve got rid of them and then another one pops up. So in the interests of cleanliness I’ve zapped it to prevent as they say any further oxygen of publicity.


Hi Alan

They do sprout up like weeds, don’t they? You know, however annoying weeds in the garden might be, at least they’re something honest and natural.

These spammers are anything BUT honest and natural, and to actually post a spamming service?!? Unbelievable gall…

Alan, can I help in any way with the zapping so that it doesn’t all end up on your shoulders?


Other aspect:

On the one side and in fact, such kind of spam is not directly for forum’s people and visitors but, mainly, for search engines (and text links are quite good recommendations for a search engine to give to a website a higher rating). So they ‘promote’ the site where they are placed.

Another side is: if spam-text-links are not removed and a website becomes having ‘toooooo much litter’ of such kind, then, one day, some search engines can start to ignore it. Instead of moving on the top…

I kill a lot of spam on the boards while Europe is sleeping.

Many thanks to all of you who is helping keep our forum clean. Spammers are create people too – they try different techniques once they realize the old one doesn’t work anymore. I’ve always thought that there must be some kind of value in spam because ever since the Internet came into being spam has been an integral part of this medium.

For one thing, spam messages show what a certain percentage of the global Internet population is looking for when they go online. I mean, if there were no demand for services and products like casino, xenax (or is it xanax?), rental cars, credit cards, etc. then the spammers wouldn’t invest their time, money and creativity to promote those things.

Another benefit of spam is that I have to use my creativity too. For example, I have to come up with possible words that might be contained in usernames selected by spammers so we can put them on our filter list…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Summing up an interview[YSaerTTEW443543]

If there were no demand for services like rigged casinos, counterfeit Xanax, credit card offers that steal your information and don’t give you a credit card, anatomical enhancements that don’t work, and bank fraud, then the spammers wouldn’t invest their time, money and creativity to promote those things.

The fact is that a lot of spam promotes things that people DON’T want, which is why they are so aggressive.

What I think is funny is when the spammers are somewhere overseas and unwittingly tip you off by using bad English in their messages. I got an attempt at bank fraud yesterday that had the title “Update Your Informations”. I knew immediately that it was a scam.