Verbs used in idioms.

Just for fun, here is a list of idioms commonly used here in the U.S. In each one, the verb (or word used as a verb) is used in a non-typical way. How many of these phrases can you decipher?

(to) pitch a fit

(to) slam a beer

(to) race an engine

(to) pull an all-nighter

(to) cop a feel

(to) spike a ball

(to) ace a test

Good test, Luschen.
My guesses are: slam a beer - drink a (couple of) beer(s) hastily
race an engine - crank it up to the utmost (figuratively or literally)
pull an all-nighter - awake all night long
ace a test - be at one’s best and make it in whatever field
Others -no idea, unfortunately.
Thanks again.

I realized I never gave the answers to my idiom test:

(to) pitch a fit - to lose one’s temper

(to) slam a beer - to drink a beer quickly

(to) race an engine - to run an engine at a high rpm while in neutral - the car is not moving but the engine is running very fast

(to) pull an all-nighter - to stay up all night studying for a test or to finish a project

(to) cop a feel - to furtively touch someone’s breasts or buttocks

(to) spike a ball - to throw or hit a ball directly towards the ground - used in volleyball and American football.

(to) ace a test - to do very well on a test, answering everything correctly