verb tense: 'I could've grabbed it if you hadn't pulled me off'

i just wanted someone to tell me if my verb tense was correct. “pulled”

  1. "I could’ve grabbed it if you hadn’t pulled me off. "

so is “pulled” ok in that phrase? thanks.

Yes, your use of the past perfect in that sentence is correct.

i wanted to ask your opinion about a dialoq line. i wrote:

Have you ever felt like you try your hardest but it’s never good enough?

Sometimes but at least I tried.

(but i think i should change the “tried” to “try” like this one)

Sometimes but at least I try.

—what do you think? should i change it ?..

and would it be grammaticaly correct ? i think i’m going to choose “try” because it flows better.

More context would be needed to be able to give some sensible advice. The use of the present simple would be appropriate to a general statement, whereas the past simple would refer to a specific, past experience.

character 1 is not really referring to any event. he is not talking about some event in the past. he just feels sad and the other character is trying to console him.

and i thought that “try” flowed better.

and i wanted a second opinion about it. and to know if it was grammaticaly correct or not if i used “try”

so again, not referring to a past event , just sad and the other character tries to console him.

Yes, it is grammatically correct.

Hi Huxley

How about a slightly reworded version? Your Character 2 could say this:
Sometimes, but at least I know I tried.