Vampires and werewolves. Myth, a real thing or rubbish?

Hi there :slight_smile:
I wanted to talk about Vampirism and Lycanthropism. Actually, what I want to discuss are the vampire- connected legends and tales (but also movies). Maybe some of you believe that vampires and werewolves exist?

To begin with, I must admit that I neither believe in vampires or werewolves. These are to me only the characters taken from legends and tales, but I like reading these legends and tales. I think that the cinema has a great influence on a classical image of a vampire- it has changed a lot. The early vampire movies from the early 20th century ( Dracula with Lugosi, Christopher Lee), this is the good thing while the present Hollywood productions (Van Helsing, Twilight) are really poor to me, but not all of them of course- The interview with the vampire was really good. I was a bit shocked when searching the net I found a site of a guy that claimed to be a vampire (he even explained how to find a victim or how to cut your wrist precisely to get blood and not bleed to death). Maybe some vampires among us, forum members?:slight_smile:


Hi Mikel,

You’ve chosen a very interesting topic to discuss.:slight_smile:
I don’t believe in either vampires or werewolves too,but I must admit that there are quite a lot of books or movies about them which are really very interesting.Vampires are mythological revenants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living beings.The first book I read about vampires was in my childhood and it was"Dracula",I remember that I was very anxious and nervous while I was reading it,I was even a bit afraid but still I was going on reading it.:slight_smile: You say that you’ve found a guy who claimed to be a vampire.How interesting!Where was he from?

Finally, I would repeat your words,Mikel,“Maybe some vampires among us, forum members?”,and I would answer: Who knows! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I thought Van Helsing was okay but not Twilight – too childish, just like Batman (I fell asleep when I watched them). Now, I do agree that The Interview with the Vampire was good, for one reason only, Brad was in it. :smiley: (I know, I have got to get over this infatuation :lol:)

Either way, if there is any blood sucking person out there, just want to let him/her know, you don’t scare me a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:



‘Wrong turn’ :arrow: may not scare you but it would certainly leave you with empty guts (literally) :wink:

That’s only a walrus. And its giving me that “Look at me, I’m so sexy” kinda look. :lol: Don’t tell me you are scared of that, G. They only eat fish!

And all you have to do to scare a vampire away is by having a garlic breath. :lol:

Any experience? :lol:

No, I haven’t got there yet. But that would really be a ‘wrong turn’ if I watch it for the third time :slight_smile:

—Lost and found—
Found a kind of wit which was missing for a while :wink:

I think that Van Helsing sucks because it’s a typical Hollywood point of view- a lot of absurd action and mixing things ( Franktenstein and Vampires together in one movie? What for!?) without real and important facts from legends etc. Twilight too childish? That was what my sister said after having watched it :slight_smile: I was also very close to fall a sleep because of the boredoom and predictable events.

I don’t remember. You can google him and a lot of people’s websites about vampires and stuff.
I haven’t read Dracula(obviously, it’s a classic), but I strongly recommend Erberto Petoia’s book. It’s a great source of legends about vampires and werewolves.
I’m gonna search for some blood so by for now :smiley: