UT - utility vehicle?

According to the Acronymfinder UT stands for utility vehicle. What exactly is a utility vehicle and why is the abbreviation UT and UV?
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You might not need the information any more, but I’ll send you what I’ve found anyway:

utility truck (UT)
utility vehicle (UV)

A small truck, pick-up or van designed to carry both passengers and goods. (Austral) (NZ) Often shortened to ute.

Examples: a pickup truck, a golf cart

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Good afternoon Conchita. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I can follow your logic but for some strange reason Acronymfinder.com (that’s a site my boss has pointed me to recently) says UT stands for utility vehicle. Maybe UT is short for utility and vehicle is simply added? It’s funny because Ute (pronounced differently than ute) is a common German female name.
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