Using gerund

Hi all,
How to paraphrase the sentence using gerund
He insists that we’ll come back

Hi jane337
I think this variant is right
He insists on our coming back.

If I’m mistaken our moderators will correct me :smiley:

It’s a little difficult. I couldn’t restate that sentence using a gerund, because the result wouldn’t mean the same thing.

He insists that we’ll come back.
This means he insists that it’s true or sure that we will come back. He is making a prediction.

He insists on our coming back.
This means that he is adamant that we must come back. It is understood that he commanded us to come back. The equivalent without a gerund would involve the subjunctive and be, He insists we come back.

Hi Pamela

Your sentence has a different meaning! Your paraphrase would only work if the original sentence didn’t have will in it:
He insists that we come back. (come = subjunctive)

The original sentence “He insists that we will come back” means “He is sure that we will come back.” He disagrees with someone else whose opinion is that we won’t come back. He is insisting that he is right.

The only way I can think of at the moment to force the original sentence into a sentence using a gerund would be something like this:

He is sure of our coming back.
He insists that he is right about our coming back.

But, I don’t consider these sentences to be ideal either. It’s better to leave the sentence with “that we’ll come back”.


oops… I see Jamie has already answered…

Yes, Amy and Jamie, having reread jane’s sentence attentively I see that my variant is not suitable.

Oops,sorry :oops: I see that my sentence is not correct for using a gerund. Thanks you all!