Using either "on" or "to"

“I plan to go on a picnic”
“I plan to go to a picnic”

Which of this two sentences is correct, and why the use of either “on” or “to”?

I am Mexican therefore my native language is Spanish, myself I would have definitely used “to” in the sentences above, but while reading something today I ran into this sentence which used “on” in it.

God Bless you all.

Hello Cis,

In British English, “go on a picnic” suggests that you are a participant in the picnic. “Go to a picnic” would suggest that you planned to attend someone else’s picnic (i.e. it would sound unusual).

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Thanks a lot MrP, God Bless you.

Sometimes companies organize an event in the summer (for employees and their families) which is called a “picnic”. In this situation, it would be quite natural to say that you are “going to the (company) picnic”.


To the party - to the dinner - to the picnic. All hunkydory and fine.


Amy and Alan, thnks so much for your kidness.

God Bless you both.