Using an indefinite article with an adjective+noun

Hello! How are you?

This is my question:

Can I omit the indefinite article when
I am using it with an adjective+noun?

(A) new life
(A) new home…

E.X. Tomorrow, new life, new home…
I can?t wait until tomorrow!



No, not in normal composition. A singular countable noun must have an article, a determiner, or a possessive adjective, no matter what other adjectives or modifiers it may have.

Hi!. Thanks a lot for your reply. But, can?t i even omit the indefinite article if I am listing,enumerating to mean
for instance, I?ll have all these things in
a future or maybe I?ve just got them right now?

E.X. New life, new home, new car…



Making lists has little to do with English grammar or composition. It is just a list of words as reminders, like my shopping list:


If the list is part of a written essay or formal letter, then you must normally include the articles. Please re-read my earlier post:


I definitely understood, I guess.
But, what if I use the two first as
uncountable nouns?

Life, Home can be uncountable, can?t they?
I am thinking of ?Soul?as well.

Then, what will it happen?

Could I use them without the indefinite article?

New life, new home, new soul…

Thanks again!


It reminded me:

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