Uses of "Loud"

Hello ,
suppose there is someone speaking with low sound , How can I inform him to make his sound loud ?

( my concept to take word meaning “increase your sound level to enable me hear you” )

Help me & thanks

Hello my name is Djamcity I come from Niger in the west african and i am new and so peale so do not really sure with my introductions s

You can say ‘Please speak up a bit’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Louder, please!

Sound level is something associated with anything (e.g. radio, tv …etc) EXCEPT the words directly spoken by a person.

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Hi Rob,

I can’t really accept this:

When I think back to the days when I did work for the BBC, ‘sound level’ was what the studio technician needed to know before the broadcast began. That’s why you would be asked to say a few words usually about what you had for breakfast.


Um excuse me?


We would NEVER tell a person to “turn up their sound level” “make their sound level louder” … etc because we can’t hear them.

Maybe my sentence was not so clear so I have changed it.

Hello HE,

I am sorry but I beg to differ again. I think Alan’s comment hits the mark and, in theory too, as long as a person makes a sound there is a sound level no matter whether we can hear it or not. Please let me also show you a quote as below:



猫に小判 neko ni koban

But, if you want to go around telling people to turn their sound level up because you can’t hear them, please feel free to do so! It will certainly make the world a happier place

p.s. I hope I used it correctly?


It is not important if I am a neko. But I’d ask you again how you respond to the quote. You used the idiom correctly in terms of grammar, but it should have been applied precisely to yourself.


OK … If the increase in sound level is that of a human voice, and that human voice is coming DIRECTLY out of the mouth of a human being (not a human voice on a TV, not Radio …etc) Then you would say “please speak up”, “could you speak louder” …etc

Turn up a sound level is for equipment that produce sound and not Human Beings. Therefore if the voice was coming out of a Radio (equipment), TV (equipment), Speaker (equipment) … etc, then you could say “turn the sound level up” BUT NOT speak up. Although it would be funny hearing someone say: can you tell the TV to speak up please!!!

WOW my use of the quote was correct … COOL!


What is the quote? I am confused again with your English phraseology.

OK proverb!

You are “sunao ni natta” this time. :slight_smile:

smile … but I am nice and friendly like all of our teachers and administrators at OnlineEnglish. We will talk to you all day by email.

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So now I am having a conversation in Japanese? … Warning, my Japanese is definitely not good!


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